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Welcome to the Anton Proksch Institute!
The Anton Proksch Institute is one of Europe’s leading addiction treatment clinics. We treat and study all forms of addiction, from dependence on  alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs to non-substance related addictions such as gambling addiction, Internet addiction, shopping addiction  and work addiction.
We focus on the essential
Positive change is always possible in a person’s life – but it takes joy, desire and enjoyment, ingredients that are provided by life itself. We do not therefore fight addiction by demanding abstinence, but by helping patients to participate in life actively and pleasurably (Orpheus Programme). 

The Anton Proksch Institute’s work is concentrated in two main areas:

Clinic: residential and non-residential treatment of dependences

Academy: Further training and professional development programmes on addiction

Our Vision
We embrace the challenges presented by social change.
We seek new and sometimes unconventional solutions.
We consider medicine to be both a science and an art.
We regard each individual as a “work of art in progress”.
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