Diagnosis and Treatment of Internet Addiction

Symptoms of Computer and Internet Addiction

The Internet currently offers people a multitude of opportunities to satisfy their emotional need for social contact, for communication, games and entertainment. When someone is in the process of developing a computer or Internet addiction this online world, which initially was just one of many important personal areas of life (family, work/education, hobbies, friends etc.) becomes an increasing priority that gradually becomes more important than other areas of life. Positive experiences and emotions are now only experienced online. Abandoning the virtual world of the computer and the Internet to return to the real world becomes increasingly unattractive until only the Internet holds out any appeal. In this case, a person can be considered to have a computer addiction or Internet addiction.

Treating Internet Addiction

Problematic Internet use can develop as the result of a life crisis (job loss, divorce etc.) or as an outlet or to compensate for an emotional or mental health problem (depression, anxiety or panic disorder, social uncertainty etc.). On the other hand, an Internet addiction can lead to difficulties in social settings, at school or at work. The process by which Internet use becomes the main preoccupation in someone’s life, puts family members and users alike under a great deal of psychological strain, which they are often unable to cope with without professional support.
The Anton Proksch Institute offers treatment programmes for Internet and Computer addicts. This enables them to overcome their dependence on the online world.
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