Diagnosis and Treatment of Shopping Addiction

Shopping Addiction in Austria

In 2011 the Chamber of Labour in Vienna published a study according to which some 20 % of the population in Austria is at risk of shopping addiction and 7.8 % have a shopping addiction. According to the results of the study, it is mainly women and young people who are affected by shopping addiction.

What is Shopping Addiction?

Shopping addiction is a psychiatric disorder that expresses itself in the compulsive purchase of products and compulsive use of services. However, it is not the purchases that count but the act of buying itself.
The Chamber of Labour study on the risk of shopping addiction in Austria in 2011 reached the following conclusions: Approximately 20 % of Austrians are at risk of developing a shopping addiction, 7.8 % are already effectively addicted. Young women are the most severely affected group. The proportion of women between the ages of 14 and 24 is rising all the time and has already reached 69 %.
People with a shopping addiction can find help and avail themselves of treatment. The Anton Proksch Institute offers several forms of therapy for people with a shopping addiction.


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