Diagnosis and Treatment of Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Many people who are addicted to prescription or over-the-counter drugs originally began taking the medication in question to treat sleeping difficulties or pain. People suffering from chronic pain in particular need to take such medicines over very long periods. Doctors very often prescribe tranquilisers such as benzodiazepines. However, after a while the body develops a tolerance to the substances contained in the medication and requires a higher dosage to alleviate pain to the same extent. This leads to physical dependence.

When does the use of prescription drugs require treatment?

It is very difficult for people to recognise that although taking prescription drugs leads to a short-term improvement in their situation it does not bring about a permanent improvement. When the effect of the medication wears off, if not sooner, people feel the symptoms once more. In many cases, they then experience the symptoms of the original complaint even more strongly and take yet more medication – the beginning of an addiction to over-the-counter or prescription drugs.
People who become dependent on prescription drugs generally require medical help to treat addiction to prescription drugs. Only a very small percentage of patients manage the withdrawal process without medical support. This is where the Anton Proksch Institute in Vienna can help.
As a rule our treatment programme for people who are dependent on prescription drugs consists of a period of residential care followed by follow-up care at one of our outpatient facilities.

Therapy Programme