Overview of our Facilities and Services

The Anton Proksch Institute is one of Europe’s leading addiction treatment clinics. We offer residential treatment programmes for addictions to alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal substances, nicotine, gambling, computer and Internet, work and shopping. Alternatively, we also offer outpatient treatment.

Information Sheets

The Anton Proksch Institute’s Outpatient Clinic Wieden is the first point of contact for alcohol, prescription drug and gambling addictions.

The following Anton Proksch Institute centres in Lower Austria provide information and advice:

Addiction Counselling Mödling
Addiction Counselling Baden
Addiction Counselling Wiener Neustadt
Addiction Counselling Neunkirchen

In addition, the Anton Proksch Institute also runs an evening clinic , specialising in follow-up care and outpatient treatment.

General information about the various dependence disorders can be found here:

Information Sheet Alcohol, Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs
Information Sheet Therapy for Illegal Substance Addicts
Information Sheet Alcohol at the Workplace
Information Sheet Gambling Addiction, Internet and Computer Addiction
Information Sheet Experiential Education

Help and advice is available at the Anton Proksch Institute for all family members of anyone suffering from an addictive disorder.
Further information is provided in the information sheet “Information for Family Members"

You can also download our information sheets in pdf format here: