Anton Proksch Institute Mission Statement

People are at the heart of all we do

Our work at the Anton Proksch Institute is based on the motto "Putting People First". This principle is expressed in our seven point mission statement.
  • Positive change is always possible in life. But it takes joy, desire and enjoyment - ingredients that life offers us every day. To help patients discover the beauty of life again, our addiction treatment places a very strong emphasis on participating in life actively and pleasurably: Orpheus Programme.
  • We focus on the strengths and positive factors in life.
  • We thus embrace a view of humanity that strictly rejects discrimination and puts a self-determined and joyful life at the heart of our efforts.
  • We treat one another with respect, esteem and regard for human dignity. In a supportive environment there is room for personal responsibility and voluntary action. We always act in accordance with the principles of acceptance, partiality and gender sensitivity.
  • Addiction is an illness that has many causes and cannot be reduced to a single triggering factor. Addiction is an illness that can be treated successfully  - Our methods are state of the art.
  • The common  therapeutic goal of our differentiated treatment strategies includes both models of harm reduction and abstinence-based treatment.
  • We attach great value to collaboration between the different groups of professionals involved in treatment and a holistic view of the human being. This is the only way that personal development defined as the adoption of a healthy lifestyle can promote rehabilitation.